Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Amorgos is one of the sights that you can visit on the island!

The Archaeological Museum is housed in the Gavras Mansion (18th century) at Chora Amorgos. The structure is thought to date from the 16th century, and the architectural style is Venetian.

archaeological museum
Archaeological Museum Amorgos

Support columns in the entrance archways prepare visitors for the interior format. It is named “Gavras Mansion” after the great eponymous family that lived there. The courtyard is richly decorated and contains column-heads from various ancient sites on the island.

The exhibits date from the Bronze Age to the end of the ancient world. You will also see sculptures and carved headstones.

Check the entrance for the Archaeological Museum’s opening hours.

The museum is located near the Holy Metropolis, below the Loza, the village’s main square.