Besides its beaches and the annual religious festival of Agia Paraskevi, attended by hundreds of pilgrims, the Kato Meria of Amorgos has one more mysterious sight, in Liveros bay. A Shipwreck.

Shipwreck Amorgos

The shipwrecked “Olympia”, under Cypriot flag and built in 1950, has come to rest here over the last six decades. The inhabitants of Kolofana remember the gale-force north winds on that day, and the ship desperately seeking a sheltered bay. A failed attempt to drop anchor outside the small cove meant that it was driven on to the rocks.

shipwreck amorgos
Shipwreck in Amorgos | Kato Meria area

The rusted hull of the “Olympia” impressed Luc Besson (creator of the film ‘Le Grand Bleu’), who chose to use it in the film and make Kato Meria famous at the same time. The ship’s former name is visible in relief on the bow: “Inland”. The waves and the general atmosphere in the small cove create an eerie, mysterious atmosphere even today.

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Shipwreck Amorgos - Map