Beaches of Aegiali

Agios Pavlos beach – Nikouria Island Amorgos

Agios Pavlos beach is located a few kilometers before Aegiali, on the main road from Chora. Small white pebbles and crystal-clear waters characterize this beach, as well as a view of Nikouria islet. Nikouria is accessible by boat from Agios Pavlos on a daily basis,for a luxurious swim and sunbathing on the sandy beach. The beach is large and has little shade, so the best hours to visit are early in the morning or in the late afternoon; it is very exposed in the middle of the day, making sunscreen an absolute necessity.

Gialos (Ormos) beach

The sandy beach of Ormos in Aegiali is almost two kilometers long. The tamarisk trees scattered along its length offer delicious shade in hot hours of the day. If you enjoy beach tennis, this beach will probably be the highlight of your holiday!

beaches of aegiali bay
Aegiali bay beach in Amorgos

Just a few meters from the beach, you will find restaurants, tavernas and beach bars offering food, coffee, drinks or cocktails with a breathtaking view of Aegiali!

Κάντε κλικ στην ελληνική σημαία στο επάνω αριστερό μέρος του μενού μας και διαβάστε την ανάρτηση στα ελληνικά. 

Levrossos beach Amorgos

On the road to the picturesque village of  Tholaria Amorgos, at the famous Aegialis Hotel & Spa, take a sharp left down to the small parking lot.

beaches of aegiali levrossos
Levrossos beach in Amorgos

Follow a footpath delimited by trees and gardens, to reach the eponymous sandy beach in a few minutes.  Swim in the crystal-clear waters, enjoy the view of Ormos and Potamos villages, and, if you get there early enough, bag some shade under the tamarisks or cane clusters.  Once again, make sure you pack your sunscreen. Alternatively, you can reach this beach on foot, by taking the footpath that starts at the very end of Aegiali beach.

Psili Ammos beach

Psili Ammos beach is the next beach after Levrossos; true to its name, its whole length is covered by fine, golden sand! There are a few tamarisk trees for shade and, of course, the ubiquitous clear blue waters. You can either walk here from Aegiali, or take a boat from the port, running at regular intervals during the day!

Hochlakas beach

The third beach (after Levrossos and Psili Ammos) as you move away from Aegiali, is Hochlakas. It is covered in pebbles and sandand accessible in two ways: either on foot, or by boat from the port, running at regular intervals during the day!

Megali Vlychada beach

A pebbled beach to the north of Tholaria. Access is by footpath. The hike takes approximately 90 minutes. / [photo credits: Dimitris Theologitis].

beaches of aegiali megali vlyxada
Megali Vlyxada beach in Amorgos

Sparti beach

Sparti beach in Amorgos island is a deep inlet formed by a giant chasm with a height of around 500 meters! The waters here are turquoise and very cold,since the sunlight only reaches the inlet for a few hours a day, before disappearing behind the massive cliffs. The beach is alternately sandy and pebbled, and you can reach it on the boat offering tours of Amorgos during the summer.

Chalara beach

footpath starting at Asfontilitis will lead you to this pebbled and rocky beach after a hike of approximately 2 hours. The footpath to Chalara is very rough and requires particular attention; as expected, the beach is quite deserted.  However, spear-fishing fanatics should definitely include it on their Amorgos bucket list! The beach is also accessible via the boat offering tours of Amorgos during the summer, which stops here and in Sparti, perhaps the most remote and inaccessible beaches on the island.

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