Beaches of Katapola

There are a lot of beaches in Katapola Amorgos in order to relax and enjoy swimming. Below you will find useful tips and an extensive beach guide.

Maltezi beach Katapola Amorgos

This sandy beach, with its turquoise waters, is located opposite the port of Katapola. Umbrellas and sunbeds are available to rent, while the local beach bar promises to make your day even more enjoyable, with snacks, coffee, and cool drinks.

beaches of katapola maltezi
Maltezi beach of Katapola Amorgos

The beach is easily accessed by boat, running every half hour from the port of Katapola. If you prefer to walk, the footpath starts in Xylokeratidi, one of the three neighborhoods of Katapola.

Κάντε κλικ στην ελληνική σημαία στο επάνω αριστερό μέρος του μενού μας και διαβάστε την ανάρτηση στα ελληνικά. 

Plakes nudist beach Katapola Amorgos

Plakes beach is recommended for nudists, swimmers dive off the stone slabs and rocks, directly into the crystal-clear blue waters!  The area is quite isolated and the beach is popular with nudists, who can enjoy a swim in privacy. Plakes beach is very close to Maltezi and can be reached by boat, running every half hour from the port of Katapola.

beaches of katapola plakes
Plakes nudist beach of Katapola Amorgos

The boat trip to and from the aforementioned beaches costs 4 (from and to Maltezi beach) and 4,5€ (from and to Plakes).

An alternative nudist beach in Amorgos island is Kambi, next to Agia Anna.

Agios Panteleimonas beach

A very rocky beach marked by the eponymous chapel. The area has a wonderful view of the port across the bay. Agios Panteleimonas is located just before Maltezi beach and is served by the same footpath.

beaches of katapola agios panteleimonas
Agios Panteleimonas beach of Katapola Amorgos

Kato Akrotiri beach

To the left after the port of Katapola, you will come across the sandy beach of “Kato Akrotiri”. It is a short walk from the last houses of the port settlement. The sea here becomes quite rough on windy days.

beaches of katapola kato akrotiri
Kato Akrotiri beach of katapola

Vlychada beach

This beach is located outside Katapola port; it is not very well-known to visitors and is accessed on foot. To swim there, you will have to walk through Xylokeratidi, then Nera and Peristeria.

Tris Ierarches beach 

Another small, pebbled beach with crystal-clear waters in the Katapola area, just below the eponymous Tris Ierarches church in Xylokeratidi neighborhood. Walk through the village to get there.

Finikies beach 

The first beach you come to on the way to Lefkes and after Minoa, is Finikies. The landscape here is marked by dense vegetation and water springs. Access to this deserted beach is by a small track starting from the main dirt road leading to Lefkes. A swim in its inviting crystalline waters is a must.

Tyrokomos beach 

The road turns into a footpath when you arrive in Lefkes. About 50 meters after the small bridge, a short detour will lead you to the springs and then on to Tyrokomos cove.

Agioi Saranta beach

On the way to this beach, do make a point of turning around to admire the verdant hillside, one of the few fertile parts of the island. Park your car or motorcycle and a fifteen-minute walk will bring you to the deserted, pebbled beach; take particular care when swimming on windy days, due to the strong swell. Varmas’ torrent crosses the small valley, and the lonely chapel of Agioi Saranta is visible further down.

Accommodation Katapola Amorgos:

Villa Katapoliani – Art Hotel

Café / Bar / Sweets Katapola Amorgos:

Elichrison creperie cafe

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