Drinks Raki and Rakomelo of Amorgos

The island’s traditional beverage (that you will be treated at the Monastery of Chozoviotissa) is the “psimeni raki” and “Rakomelo”.

Raki and Rakomelo Amorgos

This is the official drink consumed in every feast, wedding, dancing, and gatherings all over the island! If you visit the island on July 26th, you will drink it at the “Psimeni Raki” feast organized annually at the picturesque port of Katapola.

drinks raki and rakomelo of amorgos

Although the recipe seems to be simple, however, the visitor may find some variations and can be confused with the flavor and aroma of it! The variations lie mainly in the dosage of mixture – secret to each one – honey (or sugar), cinnamon and other ingredients during its preparation.

A long time ago, women tried to find a way to participate in the social life of the island instead of drink raki like men.

They managed to make a raki-liqueur adding honey and various aromatic herbs as well as spices in it. It was named “psimeni” mainly because the honey caramel is slowly roasted. So other herbs and herbal spices were added, giving it the form and taste we know today! You can consume it during meals or as an aperitif.

Rakomelo Amorgos

Rakomelo is served quite warm (boiled in coffee beans) at the time you request it! so….enjoy it, Cheers

…Stin ygeia sas!