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Kastanis Restaurant

The Kastanis restaurant is located in the central alley in Chora Amorgos! The pure and local Amorgian specialties are literally unique and create a unique menu that only consists of homemade mommy’s…dishes made by Antonis Giannakos!

As a visitor of the island among the menu options, you can taste traditional fava, patatato (=a delicious local lamb with potatoes in red sauce), local Amorgian cheeses as well as fresh meat and fish!

At “Kastanis” each and every dish hides unprecedented culinary experience from the very first bite and you will experience the Amorgian cuisine and its hidden treasures at their best!

Now and then at nights “Kastanis” hosts live, Amorgian folk music!

The wonderful interior decoration of the restaurant will win you from the very first moment whilst the music that is played will transfer you into another dimension of time!

Bonus tip: Try well-cooked dishes, grilled options as well as seafood.

Bonus tip 2: The traditional psimeni raki as worth tasting that you can combine it with the traditional dishes of the restaurant.

The restaurant “Kastanis” is also on TripAdvisor!

Giannakos Antonis

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