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“Mpurzolaki” is a new original steak house located in Chora of Amorgos and, if you are a meat lover, then you should definitely consider adding this restaurant to your travel bucket list when you are on vacation on Amorgos Island.

The staff at Mpurzolaki in Amorgos strongly believes in the power of juicy mouth-watering high-grade meats. As a result, they choose their ingredients extremely carefully, on a daily basis.

Mpurzolaki gives priority in perfect cooking technique from beginning to the end, and for that reason, everything that you will order it will be served well-cooked on your table! Furthermore, here you will see the type of meat that you have ordered to be cooked right in front of you with mastery, in a prominent place!

Dimitris’ philosophy is that the meat’s cost as if you were shopping it just for you and your family, which justifies the non-standard menu, including not only freshly cooked value for money dishes (prepared only with pure ingredients) but also meat options for more demanding … palates!

The pork steak, the pork chop steak, the delicious sausage, the Beefsteak as well as the delicious stuffed chicken with Amorgian xynomyzithra are all coming from Amorgos’s local farms.

Our recommendation is the sparkov beef that weighs from 850gr and above and sautéed with fresh butter!

For the fans of wax paper, there are delicious menu options such as handmade pork or chicken souvlaki, crunchy lamb chops. For those who have difficulty in choosing a specific one and want to try a little bit … of everything, a mix of meats for 2 or 4 persons would be a great option!

At this eatery fresh handmade potatoes, thick salt, extra virgin olive oil, and thyme will accompany any dish.

Begin your meal with a variety of delicious appetizers to work up an appetite before enjoying divine cuts! Appetizers here, combine old, authentic Amorgian recipes from the old times when grandmas used to cook) with touches of modern cuisine by using only local vegetables and cheeses!

Traditional fava balls, Amorgian fava, and “Melipasto” local cheese are some of the eatery’s appetizers that their delicious flavors promise to remind you of your careless childhood!

Beside great meats, you will find appetizers in their lightest version as well as salads with pure and local raw materials!

You will also find a satisfying beer list, where you will find the perfect one to accompany your meal, like a frozen draft beer! There are also options for wine lovers with a specific local wine or even better, the exquisite and famous psimeni raki of Amorgos!

The interior decoration of the steak house creates an Amorgian atmosphere! You can notice the old-used irons that women used in everyday life and have a seat in the wooden tables with beautiful lighting fixtures!

You may have a seat in the cobbled, colorful central alley of Chora in Amorgos or at the opposite stairs with our vibrant pillows! It’s time to indulge in the seductive scent of the basil pans that surrounds you and promises to make your stay here, both wonderful and unique!

Mpurzolaki is a true meat experience and will be a perfect setting for a summer night out for you and your friends or your beloved one!

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