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Pizza Petrino

In the most picturesque and busy cobbled street of Chora Amorgos, a minute away from the central square of Lozza, Pizzeria “Petrino” specializes in pizza and strived to combine Italian recipes with an authentic, delicious tone and different flavors. We are always ready to impress and overwhelm the most demanding palates!

The tables (inside and outside of our place) are filled with friends and couples while the original hot bread roll with butter, makes the start and preaches you with fresh salads and a variety of traditional appetizers, kinds of pasta, peinirli, calzone and naturally fluffy or delicate, handmade, delicious pizza! (You may select between 8 and 12 pieces).

The traditional, stone-made interior decoration justifies the name “Petrino” (in greek), while the music song playlist “ideally dress” your visit and leave the best impression for another visit to our Pizzeria.

Bonus Tip 1: You can also choose vegan (vegetarian) pizzas, while you can combine them with Amorgian local ingredients, such as Xynomyzithra cheese!

Bonus Tip 2: Eight (8) pizzas are also served with wholemeal dough.

Bonus Tip 3: Learn about the delicious day dishes.

We are waiting for you!

Owner: Petzetakis Michail.

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