roadtrip from france to amorgos
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A roadtrip from France to Amorgos!

An alternative road trip to Amorgos island from France! Two Parisian guys started a unique adventure from the wonderful City of Light with final destination to Amorgos. Their trip came true and interviewed one of them! so..allonsy  (let’s go):

A roadtrip from France to Amorgos!

– Tell us about yourself! Where are you from? Are you a solo traveler or not?

I’m 22 years old, I live and study in France in Lyon in Emlyon business school. I usually travel with my girlfriend or with good old friends. I did this road trip with my best friend, we knew each other 8 years ago.

Κάντε κλικ στην ελληνική σημαία στο επάνω αριστερό μέρος του μενού μας και διαβάστε την ανάρτηση στα ελληνικά. 

– Have you ever been to Amorgos before? Or live on the island for some period? If so, share your area or village of the island. 

It is the 13th time I go to Amorgos, we have a house in Lagada and I used to spend all my summers in Amorgos.

– How about your decision to make this long road trip from France to Amorgos island?

My mother bought a new car this year and it was the perfect occasion to bring her old car in Amorgos. Even though it’s a 20 – year – old car, it still works perfectly!

We only stopped in small family campings far from big towns and deep into nature and close to the sea.

– Would you advise other people or travelers to travel like you around the world?

Of course, traveling is the best way to open your mind and feel closer to people from other countries!

– Tell us a motto that expresses you or that are a source of inspiration for your travels.

When I travel I always have the book of the Meditations of Marc-Aurel and Epictete, the stoicians are the best philosophers…

– What were the cities/areas you stopped before the arrival in Amorgos?

We planned the ”checkpoints” we wanted to see :

  • The Dolomites in Italia
  • Triglav national park in Slovenia
  • Croatia (Krka, Split, Dubrovnik, Divna Beach)
  • Kotor Bay in Montenegro
  • Albania (we went through in on day)

Greece: Ioannina, Meteora, Delfi, Evia, Athina.

– Which was the best route for your itinerary? What means of transport did you use ( a car?) Tell us a few words!

 We had a small car, 20 years old, and stuff to camp and of course a drone… 😉  On each Instagram post during the roadtrip, you can find the precise itinerary of the day.

– What is the necessary equipment or things that you think someone needs to have with them on such long journeys like this?

We had bought some camp beds, not a mattress, it was really cool because we could camp anywhere, regardless of the ground. Always separate the ID of your passport and keep away a small bag with a phone, your passports and a key of the car.

– Tell us about the difficulties that you might experience during your trip. If any…

We really had no troubles, even at the numerous borders, we crossed.

– Tell me about the whole duration of your trip. Date of departure from France till the arrival in Amorgos.

We left France on the 13 of June and arrived in Athens on the 28 of June but we took our time and spent few days in some place we loved like Divna beach in Croatia.

-How many kilometers had you been driving from France until Amorgos?

The whole trip was about 3500km but it is possible to be shorter but we wanted to be close to the sea.

-How do you feel now that you completed your roundtrip with the destination of Amorgos?

We feel happy and proud, we shared an incredible experience we may never do again. We discovered Europe, and we were always thinking that the little roads we were taking were taking us to… Amorgos!

-Will you do it again in the future?

If I have the time and the opportunity I would love to but maybe with a motorcycle rather than a car… with my father and passing by Italia this time?

-Describe Amorgos island within 4 words!

Authentic, calm, wonderful and welcoming.

Below you can see some Instagram photos of the trip and the locations of ulyssebrn. Each picture is full of colors, road trip fantastic experiences with a final destination, Amorgos island!

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You can also see the two videos that they made during the trip!



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