Katapola Amorgos

port of katapola amorgos
Katapola Amorgos

Katapola port (with its narrow inlet) has 380 inhabitants and is one of the island’s two ports. It is a natural harbor, and the village has three distinct neighborhoods. As you descend towards the sea, you will see Katapola neighborhood to your left (where the ferries dock), Rachidi in the center, and Xylokeratidi on the right.

Katapola Amorgos

The settlement of Katapola is embraced by Mountoulia hill (capped by the ancient city of Minoa), on which you will find the chapels of Agios Ioannis, Agii Anargyri and Panagitsa. The chapel of Agios Panteleimonas is visible on the opposite side, after Xylokeratidi.

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The name Katapola derives from the words “Kato poli“, meaning “lower city”. In contrast to Chora, Katapola port did not flourish during the Ottoman period; it was initially settled by seamen and today it is a bustling port with many stores, restaurants and hotels, operating mainly during the summer season. Thanks to these, and the recently renovated Municipal Camp-site, the harbor village is attractive for business and tourism activities. It is also used by yachts and other pleasure boats during the summer.

A swim in the nearby beaches is definitely recommended, as is a leisurely sunset walk along the harbor and inside the narrow village streets.

The cobbled streets within Katapola are lined with orchards and verdant citrus trees. Some beautiful Cycladic island architecture awaits to be photographed!

port of katapola katapoliani church
Panagia Katapoliani church

Panagia Katapoliani church, a renovated Christian monument, is also worth a visit.

On the way to the village exit and the road to Chora, at Rachidi, you will come across the neoclassical building of the primary school, facing the sea.  At the crossroads, you are likely to meet a huddle of ducks taking a leisurely walk, and the benches along the road are ideal for resting and admiring the view of the bay. Rachidi is crowned by the imposing parish church of Agios Georgios.

In Katapola port, a dirt track leading outside the village will take you to the Panagia chapel, at the foot of Mountoulia hill and by the bay.

Heading west, you will come across the hills after the port, the double Byzantine church of Agii Anargyri, and then a zigzag course will lead you to Ai Giannis church, celebrated on August 30th each year.

In the section of the route, you can admire the statue of Erato, permanently looking out to sea.

Xylokeratidi Katapola Amorgos

Xylokeratidi neighborhood extends along the coastal road opposite the port section of Katapola; this was where the island’s sailing boats were built and docked, and it has maintained its maritime character to this day.

port of katapola rahidi
The settlement of Rachidi in Katapola. Xylokeratidi on the left

Look out for the homes built literally on the seaside!

A footpath leading out of the neighborhood will take you to vaulted tombs from Mycenaean era, while another footpath will direct you to Evangelistria church (from the early Byzantine period).

You may continue along the marked footpath to reach Agios Panteleimonas chapel and the eponymous beach, followed shortly afterward by Maltezi beach.

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