Xidato – Kofto – Fava – Kakavia Amorgos

fava amorgos

  • Xidato:

This is a soup made with finely chopped kid offal (it is like patsas). It is called Xidato because apart from the other ingredients (salt and pepper, garlic cloves) it also contains vinegar (xidi in Greek). All these ingredients give this Amorgian dish a special taste. The dish is served at annual celebrations (vigils).

  • Kofto: 

The par excellence New Year’s Amorgian dish made with Amorgian mizithra (white cheese) and wheat (flour). If you happen to be on the island on the day of the celebration of Agia Paraskevi, you can choose it together with the traditional Patatato. Ask for Kofto ate the island’s tavernas.

  • Fava:

This pulse could not be absent from an Amorgian meal. Thus, fava or magirema (in the above photo), with its high nutritional value, leaves a particularly tasty velvety texture. It made from katsouni (a pea variety);  and is ground using a hand mill. It is prepared with olive oil, salt, water and of course fava. Fava is also used to make favokeftedes (fava fritters), another traditional dish that includes a number of Amorgian herbs.

  • Chortopites:

These are pies filled with wild chard (dark green leaves with a slightly sour taste that have medicinal properties) and herbs. The chard is blanched and mixed with fresh onions, wild fennel, and mint. The mixture is wrapped in dough and the result is a crispy and very tasty snack.

Local fish soups include the wonderful Amorgian Kakavia: a mixture of fish such as scorpion fish, chaff, perch and lizard.

If you visit the island in Spring, try Porochimia (shoots) and also the various types of mushroom. Moreover, prickly figs also grow on the island.