Amorgian Cheeses

Amorgos island has many local cheeses such as xynomyzithra, kopanisti and anthotyro. You can combine them with the traditional raki and rakomelo!

cheeses amorgos xynomyzithra
  • Kefalotiri: Quite a salty white cheese. It has a spicy and salty taste.
  • Ladotiri: A hard and salty cheese that matures in olive oil.
  • Malaka: A soft and particularly tasty cheese.
  • Mizithra: A white cheese with soft consistency prepared in special moulds.
  • Xynomyzithra: Opt for this cheese instead of classic feta in your tomato salad and you will not be disappointed! Its creamy texture blends harmoniously with capers and leaves a lovely taste that will tickle your palate! You can add salt to make it tastier.
  • Xinotiro: It is similar to Xynomyzithra the difference being that it is left to dry for several weeks until it becomes hard as stone.
  • Kopanisti:  A soft peppery cheese, with a spicy taste. It is served as a starter.
  • Anthotiro: A soft cheese with butter and very little salt.

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