Amorgos Gastronomy

Amorgos island embraces traditional local cuisine with Amorgian local ingredients and raw materials from the local producers.


You may taste authentic traditional dishes and learn cooking recipes from one of the most famous Greek cuisine in Cyclades.

Cheese, pasteli, meat, fish, wine and psimeni raki are the main products worth tasting on the island or even to purchase before your departure.


Amorgian Cheeses

Amorgos island has many local cheeses such as xynomyzithra, kopanisti and anthotyro. You can combine them with the traditional raki and rakomelo! Kefalotiri: Quite a salty white cheese. It has a...


Pasteli Amorgos

Traditional pasteli in Amorgos (sesame and honey bars) has been part of the island’s tradition for many years. It is served at weddings, baptisms and social events. Sesame seeds are its...



Xerotigana You should not leave Amorgos without trying the traditional xerotigana. These are the well-known “diples” that are made at Christmas and New Year. Moreover, they are...


Patatato Amorgos

Patatato Amorgos: An Amorgian tradition and tastiness have been matched for years and the result is a gastronomic pleasure. It is honoured on the eve of the celebration of Agia Paraskevi (25th...