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In a colorful and picturesque alley in Chora Amorgos just before entering the windmills and after the Hellenic Post Office, you will see the “Arbaroriza” restaurant!


Iliana and Markos (the owners) will welcome you to their place and explain to you about its name origins from a native aromatic plant on Amorgos island and that is also used as a garnish to their tasty suggestions!

They will also inform you about that Arbaroriza comes with alternative names, either as a loukoumohorto or moschomoloha that we find it in different shades of pink-purple colors.

This particular plant is a perfect addition to Iliana’s handmade jam that she prepares for you as an additive to her grilled cheeses.

You can try homemade dishes that are made from organic, local ingredients in respect of both the tradition and environment! Iliana’s primarily concerned with cooperating with Greek farm producers!

There is a harmonious food and wine pairing to the restaurant’s list. You can choose from Gartzios’ selected prestigious wines! Gartzios will also be in Gastronomy Week this September in Amorgos!

The genuine tradition of Amorgos and new food suggestions are interwoven concepts in Arbaroriza, and you will get the most out of the gastronomic experience when overlooking the Castle of the beautiful Chora village!

Unwind and relax your senses with the smell of Arbaroriza’s unique, homemade, and well-cooked dishes!

You may have a seat either in the cozy, comfortable and beautifully decorated interior of the restaurant or in the colorful alley.

Feel free to share your food and create moments together!

The restaurant’s kitchen is open from 12:30 until 00:30 daily.

  • Bonus tip: Take a look at the Vegan Day menu.
  • Bonus tip 2: You may ask for the psimeni raki, an authentic recipe from a Monastery. You will be amazed!
  • Bonus tip 3: If you pass by at Arbaroriza in the evening, enjoy the magical colors of the sunset at the tables in the whitewashed alley!

Arbaroriza is on TripAdvisor

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