Patatato Amorgos

Patatato Amorgos: An Amorgian tradition and tastiness have been matched for years and the result is a gastronomic pleasure. It is honoured on the eve of the celebration of Agia Paraskevi (25th July) in the Kato Meria of the island, where it is served to guests in terracotta dishes at large family gatherings (2 with 2,500 people).

Patatato is made with lamb and goat (kid) meat, and can be combined with local veal. The secret of this dish lies in slow cooking with tomato paste, tomatoes, spices, garlic, onions, cloves, cinnamon, and hand-peeled potatoes.

patatato amorgos

Accompany the dish with the traditional “Eftazimo” (left to rise 7 times before baking) brown bread that is made with flour leaven. The cauldrons used to boil the traditional dish suffice for hundreds of portions as the number of people present on the day of the celebration is massive.

patatato amorgos festival

Preparation requires the participation of the inhabitants for at least a week before the celebration.

patatato amorgos church