Pasteli Amorgos

Traditional pasteli in Amorgos (sesame and honey bars) has been part of the island’s tradition for many years. It is served at weddings, baptisms and social events. Sesame seeds are its main ingredient while sesame seeds are also sprinkled on Xerotigana.

Pasteli Amorgos annual festival

The annual pasteli festival takes place in Chora, on the main square, Loza, during the second fortnight of August usually, where you can try it together with Amorgian Rakomelo.

pasteli amorgos
Pasteli Amorgos

Apart from sesame, pasteli includes lemon tree leaves that are used as a “small plate” for serving; the leaves give it a special taste and are eaten together with the pasteli. First of all, the sesame seeds are roasted in oil and then sugar, water and honey are added; the mixture is stirred until it thickens.

The procedure requires quite a lot of stirring and then laying out on large special boards where the lemon tree leaves are also laid out. Finally, in order for the pasteli to have an attractive flat surface and be served to guests and or the public, it is beaten using a stick. This is following by marking straight lines, cutting into diamond-shaped pieces and serving on the lemon tree leaves.

pasteli amorgos dance

The end of the event is followed by a traditional Amorgian dance that lasts until the early hours of the morning.