Aegiali Amorgos

Aegiali Amorgos is a cluster of villages at the northern edge of the island. It is the location of the island’s second port (after the port of Katapola). The area has around 500 inhabitants. The distance between Aegiali and the capital, Chora, is approximately 15 kilometers.

Aegiali Amorgos

The first village you come to from the main road is Ormos (the center of Aegiali), with the pier on the left. Potamos village is visible to the right, built up the mountainside as a continuation of Ormos. Langada is a few kilometers further uphill but is not visible from this point. Finally, Tholaria is built on the top of the hill, in the background to the left.

aegiali amorgos bay view
Aegiali Bay

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Ormos (or Gialos) is both a fishing village and the cosmopolitan center of the cluster, since there is plenty of accommodation for visitors and a plethora of options for eating, drinking and shopping for gifts and souvenirs. The Panagitsa chapel, with its characteristic ancient inner sanctum, is nestled among the buildings in Ormos.

Potamos village Aegiali Amorgos

A short uphill walk brings you to the foot of Potamos village. The village is split into two sectionsKato (Lower) and Ano (Upper) Potamos. The Cycladic architecture, the landscape and the view to the sea will take your breath away, especially if you visit in the afternoon, around sunset. Don’t miss it! Analipsi church is at the bottom of Kato Potamos, and is visible from Ormos. Ano Potamos appears untouched and unaffected by time. At every corner, you will meet friendly, smiling locals who will welcome you to their village. As in all the island’s villages, don’t hesitate to wander around the narrow streets and discover the secrets of Potamos.

aegiali amorgos potamos
Aegiali Bay | View from Potamos village

Langada village Aegiali Amorgos

Langada will be your second-to-last stop and can be reached by car (4 kilometers from Ormos), or by following the footpath from Ormos. Just before you enter the village, look up to your right for a glimpse of Agia Triada, literally hanging onto the cliff-face (a bit like a miniature replica of the Monastery). In the past, this structure was used by the locals as a refuge during pirate raids. Agia Triada is celebrated annually by the inhabitants of the Langada. The huge rock emerging from the houses at the bottom of the village is called Troutsoula. The village is built amphitheatrically and in harmony with the landscape, delimited to the north by Araklos gorge. As in other villages, Langada has its share of pretty arches and narrow cobbled streets. Again, the Loza, the paved square at the eastern entrance of the village, is a hub of activity, with restaurants and cafés worth a visit.

On 14th and 15th August Loza square is also used for traditional village festivities like Panagia Epanachoriani festival with local dishes such as kofto and chickpeas. The music with the violins and the dance last two nights!

Tholaria village Aegiali Amorgos

Tholaria village is exactly opposite Langada (three kilometers from Ormos), with Agii Anargyri church at its heart and with the remains of Ancient Aegiali as a permanent company. Traditional archways, whitewashed streets, and pergolas will invite you to explore the village at every corner. Agii Anargyri church is celebrated with a great feast on July 1st each year and is surrounded by traditional cafés and restaurants.  Don’t hesitate to try local rakomelo (a potent mixture of raki and honey), or ouzo, and look out for the live traditional music in the evenings!

Ask the locals to point out the footpath that will lead you to Mikri Vlychada beach. The eponymous beach is famous for its crystalline waters and emerges from the cliffs like an oasis, in just under thirty minutes’ walk.

aegiali amorgos tholaria
Θολάρια Αμοργού

All the villages have maintained the Cycladic island tradition, with its whitewashed houses, while they offer many options for accommodation, shopping, and night-life. The traditional fish taverns, restaurants, and local bakeries in the villages are worth visiting, for a taste of exquisite Amorgean delicacies. Wander around and take in the view, or stop for a cool drink, a coffee or a glass of traditional “psimeni raki”, and enjoy the sunset over the whitewashed houses of Aegiali. In Aegiali, the sun is ‘swallowed’ by the sea in the evenings, with “Nikouria” islet looking on them from the left. 

aegiali amorgos tholaria agioi anargiroi
Agioi Anargiroi Church – Tholaria village

Wander around and take in the view, or stop for a cool drink, a coffee or a glass of traditional “psimeni raki”, and enjoy the sunset over the whitewashed houses of Aegiali.

In Aegiali, the sun is ‘swallowed’ by the sea in the evenings, with “Nikouria” islet looking on them from the left. 

There are several options for night-time entertainment, from a quiet drink and relaxing music to interesting cocktails and lively partying with a summertime vibe.

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The villages of Aegiali are served frequently by the Amorgos bus company on a daily basis.

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